Vasco Renna Windsurf School Torbole

Riva del Garda Professional Surf Center

Vasco Renna

Thirtyeight years

I am a citizen of the world with windsurfing in my heart. Windsurfing has been the engine of my life, gave me excitement, joy and success, has made me become an athlete, traveler, federal technician, teacher, and finally, for over thirty years, entrepreneur.

And it is this passion that all this time I tried to convey to three generations of surfers through my work that began in Torbole, the European capital of surfing.
We expect to give you the gift of passion.

Good winds to all,

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Parco della Pavese, 9 38069

Torbole sul Garda (Tn) - Italy

Tel.+39 0464.505993

Fax.+39 0464.506254